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    Why are aluminum trays becoming more and more popular?

    發布時間:2020-08-20 12:00:41      點擊次數:587

    1. Strong plasticity and light weight, strong plasticity can meet most users who need pallet specifications; light weight, aluminum alloy pallets are lighter than steel pallets, and the density of aluminum is only one-third of that of steel. Although aluminum alloy is light, its strength is not weak at all. It can reduce transportation weight and improve transportation efficiency.

    2. Weldability. At present, most of the aluminum trays on the market are welded. The weldability of the aluminum profile of the pallet is particularly important. The firmness of aluminum alloy pallets is also very good. Some people worry that aluminum pallets will fall apart and become deformed after a long time. In fact, aluminum alloy pallets are strictly inspected and load-bearing tested before they leave the factory. Most aluminum pallets are welded* or riveted, and the connection is firm and durable.

    3. Wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant. The surface of the aluminum tray has been treated with positive oxidation and has a very hard oxide film, which is especially suitable for humid and corrosive gas environments. The aluminum alloy tray is hygienic and clean, corrosion-resistant, non-absorbent, easy to wash, pest-free, and non-toxic, especially suitable for food industry.

    4. Long life span, which is related to its corrosion resistance. As a metal alloy, aluminum alloy profile has a much longer life span than wood and plastic.

    5. 100% recycling, pallet aluminum profile can be recycled, the price of scrap aluminum is still considerable. In the environment where the country vigorously advocates environmental protection, the application prospect of aluminum alloy pallets is still very broad.

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