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    Combination Toolbox

    Update time:2020-08-26
    Xuzhou Caixin aluminum products Co., Ltd. is an aluminum company dedicated to the research and development, production, sales and service of aluminum deep processing. The company has a complete set of CNC sheet metal processing equipment and complete flexible processing technology.

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    • Product details

    Product introduction:

    The aluminum alloy toolbox is made of different series of aluminum alloy materials, which has the advantages of beautiful appearance, light weight and strong load-bearing. As the technological content of the aluminum alloy toolbox structure is getting higher and higher, it plays a better role in protecting other products in transportation and use, and is an ideal packaging box for various products.

    The lightweight aluminum toolbox can be installed on pickup trucks, trailers, pump trucks, etc. to store various tools such as loading and unloading tools, wooden boards, jacks, wrenches, crowbars, and even holiday camping supplies.


    ●High-strength, corrosion-resistant aluminum toolbox

    Storage device

    High-quality and durable appearance, less maintenance

    Lightweight aluminum material reduces the weight gain on tractors, trailers, or trucks.

    ●Seal ring design

    It can protect the internal cleanliness and prevent the entry of rain and other external factors.

    ●Can be made into various sizes, colors and styles

    Clean and bright aluminum color, any size can be customized, and surface treatment, made into various colors such as black, gray, silver and white.

    It can be made into various shapes according to requirements to meet various other requirements.



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