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    Aluminum alloy platform

    Update time:2020-08-22
    Xuzhou Caixin aluminum products Co., Ltd. is an aluminum company dedicated to the research and development, production, sales and service of aluminum deep processing. The company has a complete set of CNC sheet metal processing equipment and complete flexible processing technology.

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    • Product details

    ●A variety of reinforced structures are used inside, which avoids problems such as deformation and fracture compared with other materials;

    ●The surface has anti-slip patterns, which are much better than other anti-slip products;

    ●The use of aluminum alloy extrusion molding material is not easy to rust, and solves the problems of rust and discoloration of other materials due to wet weather;

    ●Due to the use of aluminum alloy materials, its own weight is only one-third of that of stainless steel and iron, which reduces the weight of the body and reduces fuel consumption;

    ●The size and shape of this product can be adjusted according to the specific vehicle, avoiding complicated installation problems.

    ●No pollution, recycle and reuse.

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